Shame and Greed (the AIG experiment)

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) suggested earlier this week in an interview with Iowa radio station WMT that AIG executives should follow the old tradition of the disgraced Japanese samurai to commit the ritual suicide (hara-kiri) and rid society [...]

24 meets the Matrix (or how the economy turned out to be nothing more than… an economy)

It turns out we didn’t need Jack Bauer after all.   At least not yet.   Reading yesterday’s headlines about the economy, I myself started to think that he could be our last hope. After the day was over, my wife and I went to the grocery [...]

Lessons (to be) learned. Now, let’s move on

The global financial situation hits its lowest point so far as Bailout gets rejected and talks start anew. Panic. One word that can derail even the most resilient financial market anywhere on our planet. It so happens that panic is pretty much [...]

The oil bubble, fueled by speculators

When speculators are in play, things rarely make sense. Take crude oil, for example. Just a few months ago, the upward trend of the price of the greatest commodity in human history seemed unstoppable. After it hit $100, it quickly crossed $110, [...]