Truly alone

Sad. Very sad and humbling. The news of a young mother who apparently died of natural causes in her apartment in New York with her three year old is sad enough, but what, or who came after her passing, I think, is the real tragedy. No one came. [...]

EU sets a dangerous precedent in Cyprus

A largely small European bailout is making big news around the world and it offers a real-world test of a concept that has long been a financial taboo – directly using people’s savings accounts to pay for a country’s financial [...]

The new immigration proposal – trying to fix squares with triangles when the wheel was already invented

by Naiden Stoyanov What makes us a great nation sometimes makes us forget that we are not the only ones out there that have the right answer to a problem. On Monday, a bipartisan group of senators in Washington proposed a “blueprint” for [...]

Did McMahon fail or did Murphy win?

In the race for the U.S. Senate seat of the outgoing Senator Joe Lieberman, it was a battle to the end by Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy. And while the championship belt was taken by Murphy an interesting question remains – did he win or did [...]

Time to rebuild… and reevaluate

It is already clear that Hurricane Sandy will go down in the history books as the nation’s costliest natural disaster. To date. A scary but important caveat to an already petrifying statement. Whether you believe that global warming is [...]

The AFTERMATH(?!?) of the oil disaster

Media started talking about the aftermath of the oil disaster. President Obama went in front of the nation talking about the clean up effort and his commitment to the region. The oil gusher is not on the front pages of newspapers anymore. The [...]

Print magazines on the offensive

Five large magazine publishers are joining forces to launch an ad campaign that aims to reenergize readers’ and advertiers’ interest in the print magazine media. Ad people have always known that magazines have one of the highest [...]

The Grammy’s and the dire straits music is in today

It was indeed a stunning night at the Grammy’s. Even though I haven’t been following it lately, I think it’s safe to say that Sunday night’s ceremony was one of the better ones. Great entertainment without over the top and shocking adult-only [...]

To magazine publishers: iPad is here. Now what?

iPad. Really?!? Possibly the most creative company in the world comes up with the possibly the least creative name in their product line. I want to see how many times clients at the Apple store will be offered an iPod instead of an iPad. If [...]

The importance of professional media in a democratic society

Recently I got involved in an online discussion about the importance of “traditional” media and why it’s important to any democratic society. The debate stemmed from a blog article about a speech, given by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist [...]