Truly alone

Sad. Very sad and humbling.

The news of a young mother who apparently died of natural causes in her apartment in New York with her three year old is sad enough, but what, or who came after her passing, I think, is the real tragedy.

No one came. No one came to check in on her for almost a week. And during the whole time, her four year old son was with her and her decomposing body in the unit, according to the police.

It was neighbors who reported a strong smell coming from the apartment, prompting authorities to investigate, but not before four or five days have passed, according to preliminary estimations given by the police. This is when they found the body of the mother. Along with her was her son – alive, but malnourished and weak. He told police that the fridge did have food inside but he was unable to open it so for days he ate from a bag of sugar. Media also reported that he tried to rub lotion on his mother’s body in an attempt to help her.


No one should endure something like this. The death of his own mother must have been bad enough, but to be with her for a week while her body was breaking down takes it to a whole different gruesome level. I am sure no one can completely understand what he was going through and we can only hope that he will be OK.

If the whole story is confirmed, and at this time all indications are that it will be, this should be an event that makes us all stop and reflect on what is really important in the world. I pray and hope that none of us is ever left so alone that strangers have to smell our bodies to find out that we have passed away!

Whether we celebrate Easter, Passover or any other religious or secular holiday this or any time of year, besides praying for health and happiness, let’s also hope that we are all surrounded by a loving family and friends and acknowledge them for all they are, but first of all, for being with us!

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