The AFTERMATH(?!?) of the oil disaster

Media started talking about the aftermath of the oil disaster. President Obama went in front of the nation talking about the clean up effort and his commitment to the region. The oil gusher is not on the front pages of newspapers anymore.

The aftermath? After what?

This is like making plans to rebuild a house while there are still people trapped under the rubble after it was leveled by a tornado. It’s like trying to salvage the scrap metal off of a sunken ship while there are still people fighting for their lives in the water around it. It’s like… you get the idea.

Hey, people! There is still plenty of oil gushing into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico! Why are we holding congressional hearings and mulling over the cost of the cleanup when the bleeding hasn’t been stopped. By far!

And let’s not forget the 11 lives that were lost on the day when the disaster began. Many of us probably don’t even remember that there was a big fire that claimed the lives of these workers and also sunk the drilling platform, which ruptured the pipe coming out of the well which in turn led to the oil gusher and to complete the picture, the failsafe device which was supposed to stop the leak… failed.

There are two things in play here – the “out of sight, out of mind” psychology and the attention deficit disorder of our time, which is not only valid in our society, but is a global phenomenon cultivated by the ever increasing speed of our daily routine. But identifying the reasons for the lack of substantial public outcry will not fix the obviously growing ecological catastrophe that will be affecting our planet for years, even decades to come.

We’ve got to fix this thing! Stop the leak now and clean up the environment, as much as possible!

Which brings me to my second point. Fundraising.

All of a sudden, everyone started doing telethons and fundraises to help in the clean up process. Now, here’s the million, no, billions of dollars question.


Why are any of us going to give a penny to help clean up the mess that the actions of a very wealthy and powerful company created?

Yes, we are all addicted to oil and owe a lot to the companies that help drill it out and deliver it to us in its many useful forms (gasoline, plastic, asphalt, diesel, heating oil and many, many more), but we all pay our debt to these companies every time we use their products and pay for them with our hard earned money.

So, I think we’re even.

Actually, we’re not even yet. I almost forgot. Oil is still gushing out of the broken well. In my book, the tab is still open!

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